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What is
Jolly Adventure ?

Get ready for some excitement!

Each day, when your child opens a game box door to get a vitamin, your child also gets a fun activity to complete to earn an awesome sticker reward. It's like an Advent calendar, but way more fun, with a daily surprise that promotes positive behavior and healthy habits.

Let the adventure begin!

A Toolbox for Habit Transformation

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#1. Empowers Parenting

Jolly Adventure is a fun and effective reward system that empowers parents to promote positive behavior in their child, fostering a happier and more harmonious family, free from tantrums and power struggles.

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#2. Promotes Healthy Habits

Jolly Adventure includes daily, sugar-free, organic Jolly gummy vitamins for your child, easily promoting healthy habits from a young age. It's a win-win for your child's wellbeing and yours!

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#3. Engaging Activities

Each door in the Jolly Adventure toolbox holds an exciting activity that ignites your child's imagination and creativity, while fostering a love for learning and positive behavior that last a lifetime.

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#4. Rewards and Prizes for Success

Jolly Adventure motivates your child through positive reinforcement with stickers to be redeemed for great prizes s/he loves. It promotes activity completion that boosts self-esteem and confidence, as well as instills a sense of accomplishment.

Reward System Designed By

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Erica, Educator

10+ years education experience specializing in art. Inspires young minds, unleashes inner Picassos, and a multitasking mom of three.

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Krystol, LLPC

Krystol is a clinical mental health counselor in Michigan who aims to empower others to achieve greater balance in wellbeing.

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Manny, Scientist

Meet Manny, Jolly's chief scientist, patent holder, and mastermind behind our delicious and nutritious gummy vitamins. Sweet Potato enthusiast.

Jolly Adventure in Detail

Jolly Adventure in Detail

Exclusive Monthly Topics

Daily Fun Activities

Stickers & Sticker Reward Cards

Organic, Sugar-Free Vitamins

Reward Redemption


Sneak Peek of Monthly Topics

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20+ More Topics

Subscription Perks

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Up to 20% Off

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Exclusive Monthly Topics

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Positive Behaviors

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Earn Rewards

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30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

How to Play


Enjoy an organic and nutritious Jolly Gummy Vitamin.

DO the

Read the activity behind the door and complete it.

  • Red: Focus on monthly topic
  • Blue: Focus on fun
(Balanced mix of educational and recreational activities for fun family bonding)

Earn a Sticker

Each time you complete an activity put the sticker on the Sticker Reward Card.


Fill the sticker reward card and Collect Sticker Reward Cards!

Jolly Prizes

Collect sticker charts for prizes that kids and parents love!