Helping You Raise Healthy And Happy Kids

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Our Mission

Here at Jolly, we trust in the power of community and knowledge to help families fuel little bodies for big futures. That’s why we have gathered all the most up-to-date research, so that you can continue nourishing your children with peace of mind knowing that you have experts on your side. 

Who We Are

Our team has come together from across the globe and different backgrounds with passion and commitment. We are parents, creatives, pediatric dietitians, nutritional experts, and mental health professionals, striving to empower families to make informed health choices for their children’s unique needs.

Jolly Team

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Wanchen, Founder & CEO

Wanchen grew up in Taiwan, and she studied Molecular Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. She is a nutrition enthusiast who believes that children's health is rooted in learning healthy habits from their parents from a young age. Wanchen's favorite vegetable: artichoke.

Erica, Creative Director

Erica is a designer with over 10 years of experiences in the design field. As a mom of three children, she enjoys cooking homemade meals for her family and trying new recipes. Erica's favorite food: noodle soup.

Manny, Chief Scientist

Before joining Jolly, Manny worked for several prestigiuous companies, including The Nature’s Bounty and Quaker Oats. Additionally, his work has proudly earned him two patents under his belt. Manny's favorite food: Sweet Potato.

Emil, Head of Web Development

Emil is an IT enthusiast who has been working as a Full Stack Developer for the past 4 years. He loves doing sport activities and going out with his friends. He believes that health and knowledge are the two most important things that a person needs to spend his time on. Emil's favourite vegetable: carrot.

Tsai, Head of Search

Tsai has 10+ years managing domestic and international SEM/Digital Marketing/PPC/Paid Media, Specializing in campaign optimization & keyword optimization. His favorite veggie: Broccoli.

Ben, Full Stack Engineer

Ben grew up in Germany and is a full stack engineer who loves data modeling and analysis. He likes to DJ and hang out with his dog Rocky in his spare time. Ben's favorite fruit: watermelon.

Bill, Strategy

Bill is a father of three and a serial entrepreneur. His favorite parenting hack was serving his kids vegetables before dinner, following the old adage, if they don't like it, they're just not hungry enough. Bill's favorite fruit: a Costco Fuji apple.

Mohita, Project Manager

Mohita loves everything to do with food, be it cooking, eating or just binge watching food shows. She also enjoys reading fiction, and family is really important to her. Mohita's favorite vegetable: bell peppers.

Belina, Social Media

Belina is a mother of two cute kiddos and has extensive knowledge on child education. In her free time, she loves KETO baking and preparing healthy meals for her family. Her favorite vegetable: Zucchini.