Your Little Superhero's Superpower

Jolly Kids Multivitamin. It's organic. It's sugar free. And it's just what your kids need to grow up healthy and happy.

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Sugar Free

Super Veggies


Gluten Free


No Artificial
Dyes & Flavors


  • 0g Sugar
  • 11 Critical Nutrients
  • 30 Cups of Organic Super Veggies
  • 50g of Prebiotic Digestive Fiber
  • Irresistible Taste!

Manny, Chief Scientist

Manny is Jolly's chief scientist. Before joining Jolly, Manny worked for several prestigious companies, including The Nature’s Bounty and Quaker Oats. Additionally, his work has proudly earned him two patents under his belt. Manny has extensive experience in all stages of product development. As Jolly’s chief scientist, he has helped develop our gummy vitamin that tastes delicious, has just the right gummy texture, and is packed with nutrients! Manny's favorite food: Sweet Potato.